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Hi Dearies!

We are starting this blog to record our Dear Lyla journey and share our experiences and stories with all of you. We hope to let you girls know us better as we do hope to know all of you better too. Stay tuned to this space as we share with you more updates on our Dear Lyla journey, BTS, fashion, styling tips and many more. Let us know what you would like us to share too, we'd love to hear from you! 

Dear Lyla started purely out of our dream and passion for fashion and shopping. As young women ourselves, we appreciate clothing that not only look good, but are also comfortable and affordable. These are therefore the qualities that we uphold for all our Dear Lyla clothing that we design and make specially for all of you. From design sketches, selection of fabric and colour, sampling, perfecting the fit before finalising the design, these are all done by the both of us to ensure we bring to you clothing that you will love. #MadeByDearLyla

Made by Dear Lyla

So where do our design inspirations come from? Well, they come from everywhere - from what we see in our daily lives, the latest fashion trends, our individual fashion style preferences as well as from all of your suggestions too. We love creating everyday wear that are versatile and suitable for work and play, and we explore different designs and styles from time to time so that we'll definitely have something for each and every one of you!

For our dearies who have been following us, you would have noticed that we have been advocating being BE(YOU)tiful as we truly believe everyone is beautiful in their own way. Both of us are not the most confident ladies, however, dressing up does help with boosting our self-confidence, which is also a reason for us to start our own fashion brand, so that we can make clothes that helps to make those of you who have not realised it yet that you are also be(you)tiful too!

It has definitely been a journey with many ups and downs for us. It hasn't been easy starting our own brand due to the immense competition in the industry and we had to learn everything about starting a fashion brand and online store from scratch on our own. However, we are really very thankful for the love and support that we have received from all of you thus far. Your words of encouragement, affirmation and simply just telling us that you love our design and quality of our clothes means soooo much to us and truly motivates us to continue doing what we love, to bring you BE(YOU)tiful clothing. 

Co-founders: Qing Wen and AudreyCo-founders: Qing Wen & Audrey

Dear Lyla

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