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Hello dearies!

How are all of you coping with working from home and the stay home situation? Do stay strong and stay hopeful! Doing our part to prevent the spread or lowering the chances of contracting the virus brings us one step closer to winning the battle against the coronavirus!

We're back with another blog post for your reading pleasure and hopefully help to kill some time for you and make you less bored. This time round, we will be sharing a little more in-depth on our day to day for those of you who are interested to know more about us.

Currently, it is just the two of us running Dear Lyla. Our day to day activities varies from time to time. Our usual daily activities includes coming up with content for social media, planning promotions and marketing campaigns, researching on fashion trends, fulfilling orders, customer service - yes, when you chat with us through our varies communication platforms - IG, FB, email, it goes straight to us, and either one of us will be the ones replying you. This is the perks of a small business as we can befriend our customers, hear your feedback and respond almost immediately to you. We really love chatting with all of you and hearing your feedback and suggestions so that we can improve and serve you dearies better!

Other activities that we do are designing, sample fitting and working closely with our manufacturing factory to ensure that our clothing turn out just the way we want them to. Sadly, our factory was affected by the COVID-19 outbreak which resulted in delays in production. This is why we have yet to release any new collections lately. However, things are slowly picking up and we have been busy recently with our usual designing, sampling and production cycle. Rest assured we do have new lovely clothing coming your way soon! So stay tuned to our IG / FB feed, email newsletters to receive updates on our upcoming launches.

Designing of our clothes are done in-house by the two of us. We tend to gravitate towards different styles, hence if you noticed, the pieces we keep for ourselves (those we personally featured on our IG) are different. This allows us to come up with a variety of designs from feminine, minimalist to statement pieces, hence there's definitely something for everyone at Dear Lyla! We design and curate pieces that we would personally love to wear. Which is why our designs cater mainly to women our age - 20s to 30s and are versatile and great for everyday wear. From design sketches, fabric material and colour selection to pattern making, we ensure that every single detail of our clothing (even those that are usually unnoticeable) are taken care of. 

Lots of colours to choose from!

Sampling of clothing are also done by both of us. Our heights and body figures are quite different (Audrey is petite - 158cm, Qing Wen is taller than average - 168cm), hence we take both petites and taller girls' concerns and opinions in mind when designing and sampling our #MadeByDearLyla clothing. If you are petite or a taller girl, rest assured, we've got your concerns covered as we will ensure that our clothing cater to all your preferences, e.g. not too long/ low-cut for petites and not too short for taller girls.

Once the samples are finalised, we will move on to photoshoot, which is typically done in a studio with the help of a professional photographer. There's so much going on during a photoshoot and we are kept on our feet throughout with the setting up of our desired backdrop, getting our outfits ready and checking on the photos and model constantly. Not forgetting taking videos of our model as well as our own try-ons video! There’s no time for rest during our photoshoots.

Our first ever try-on video! Hope our videos are helpful!

With that, this pretty much sums up our day to day, or rather our 24/7 Dear Lyla work cycle. Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. I guess we found ours!

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