Classic Wardrobe Essentials

Classics and basics never go out of style and are great essentials for our daily outfits. What's best is that they are so versatile and can be styled for both dress down and dress up days.

Let's dive in to some classic and basic wardrobe essentials that every girl must own in their wardrobe. 



Camisole Tops

Classy, effortless and great for Sunny Singapore. Camisole Crop tops can be paired with shorts for a casual day out or dress it up with a skirt or pants for a more elegant and dressy look, just like how we styled our Gail Camisole Crop Top below.

Gail Camisole Crop Top (White) l Dear Lyla SG l Shop Women Fashion Online

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- Gail Camisole Crop Top (Black)
- Blair Tailored Shorts (Sand) *now on Backorder

- Gail Camisole Crop Top (White)
- Mistletoe Flowy Slit Pants (Rust)


Knit Tops

Knit is a comfy material which never goes out of style. Opt for a knit top with thick straps like our Claudia Knit Top which is great for casual days out by pairing with shorts, or you can dress it up with a midi skirt/ work pants and pull over a cardigan/ blazer and you are ready to hit the office. Opt for knit that is more lightweight and not too thick, great for our tropical sunny weather! 

Claudia Knit Top (Dusty Blue) l Dear Lyla SG l Singapore Women Fashion Blogshop

Shop the look:

Claudia Knit Top (Dusty Blue)
- Blair Tailored Shorts (Sand) *now on Backorder

- Claudia Knit Top (White)
- Victoria Tie-Waist Slit Midi Skirt (Black)


Button Down Oversized Tee

Too lazy to dress up but don't want to look sloppy or compromise on comfort? An oversized button down tee will do the trick! This is such an essential - you can pair it will denim bottoms for a laid back yet smart casual weekend look or pair it with your classic work pants and skirts for a work-ready outfit. Our Freda Oversized Button Down Shirt which comes in a lovely neutral sand and dusty blue is the fuss-free, stylish and versatile top which has so numerous ways of styling. Wear it tucked in, tucked out, half-tucked, knotted and as an outer wear. What other ways are there to style this button shirt? Let us know! 

Freda Oversized Button Down Shirt (Sand) l Dear Lyla SG l Fashion for Everday Women

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Freda Oversized Button Down Shirt (Sand)
- Kayden Denim Shorts (Blue)

- Freda Oversized Button Down Shirt (Dusty Blue)
Brooklyn Tailored Shorts (Sand)



Tailored Shorts

Yet another wardrobe essential for pairing effortlessly with all tops! Your staple for your weekend outfit when you do not wish to look too casual. Tailored shorts comes in all sorts of colours and lengths, Blair Tailored Shorts fits so well for petites and is a great pair of shorter shorts for taller girls for a more casual look. If your office dress code allows, opt for a longer pair like our Brooklyn Tailored Shorts which is less casual. Pair it with a long sleeved top and throw on a blazer for that chic yet youthful work-ready look. 

*BACKORDER 2* Blair Tailored Shorts (Black) l Dear Lyla SG l Shop Women Fashion Online

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- Gail Camisole Crop Top (White)
- Blair Tailored Shorts (Black) *now on Backorder

Merry Fold Top (White)
- Brooklyn Tailored Shorts (Dusty Blue)


Midi Skirts

Midi skirts may not be the first to come to mind when it comes to basics but they are definitely a classic. However, what makes them a basic and a wardrobe staple is their versatility - they can be paired with any top from a simple casual tee for a smart casual outfit to a dressy top for an elegant feminine look. Just take a look at our popular Victoria Tie-Waist Slit Midi Skirt and Kayla Flutter Midi Skirt that pairs effortlessly with all tops. The best thing about them is that they are great for looking put together instantly and are not overly casual as compared to mini skirts. 

Kayla Flutter Midi Skirt #MadeByDearLyla (White) l Dear Lyla SG l Shop Women Fashion Online Singpapore

Shop the look:

Claudia Knit Top (White) 
- Victoria Tie-Waist Slit Midi Skirt (Rust)

- Laura Toga Top (Lilac)
- Kayla Flutter Midi Skirt (White)


Denim Shorts

We have to admit, both of us wear denim shorts regularly. A common woe we have is finding a pair of denim shorts that fits all our criteria - comfy, flattering fit and cut, quality denim. Who else shares the same woes as us? Hence, we curated our Kayden Denim Shorts. This flattering piece with a slight curved hem that elongates your legs checks off all our criteria and is just so easy to pair with any top for a lovely and fun weekend look! Comes in classic blue denim and white which is a less common colour for denim but it is just so great for pairing! Denim goes effortlessly well with all tops in our wardrobe. Not sure how to pair a top? Denim is your best bet!

Kayden Denim Shorts (Blue) l Dear Lyla Singapore l Everyday wear casual basics for women

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Mona Swiss Dot Top (Pastel Yellow)
- Kayden Denim Shorts (Blue)

- Teresa Swiss Dot Tie-Back Babydoll Top (Dusty Blue)
Kayden Denim Shorts (White)



 Let's face it. Even though shorts are great and comfy to get about in, we cannot wear them 24/7, and especially to work and for occasions which are slightly more formal. If you do not want to compromise on comfort, opt for culottes which are equally comfy and less casual. It is just as easy and carefress to move around in them (unlike skirts whereby you have to be more ladylike when you sit and walk- cue fellow girls out there who agrees to this and finds it such a hassle to do so when in skirts or dresses). Culottes can also be worn with a casual top (tee, crop tops etc.) for a smart casual look, or dress it with a blouse for a more formal outfit.

Leah Flutter Culottes #MadeByDearLyla (Cream) l Dear Lyla Singapore Women Fashion Clothing Shop Online

Shop the look:

Tricia Pleated Top (White)
Leah Flutter Culottes (Cream)

- Tricia Pleated Top (Taupe)
- Leah Flutter Culottes (Black)

*P.S: Stay tuned as we have an upcoming culottes which is a great classic too coming soon!


So... which item are you lacking in your wardrobe? Curate your wardrobe today with these classics and you will find dressing up so easy and enjoyable! 

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